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Logo Design
Firstly, Tom Bracher is the:

In short, Brazilian jujitsu is a lifestyle. What’s more is we had the opportunity to work with him. Tom asked Web Clique to complete a logo design for his organisation, Grappl. The application he was building was delivering Brazilian Jujitsu for the ambitious. Furthermore, he was determined and courageous. Likewise, we were determined to deliver at the highest standard.

The app is an online Brazilian Jiu Jitsu platform combining strength, conditioning and nutrition programs. They are specifically designed to get results. With research, we discovered that the majority of the Gracie Barra clubs use logos inspired from a patch. In addition, animals & triangles were commonly used for Brazilian Jujitsu schools. Therefore, a traditional touch mixed with a modern layout was an option.

We took the time to understand his business. Our diverse, in-house creative team, have had years of hands-on experience with branding identity. Moreover, we considered a logo to be among a company’s most valuable branding assets. We provided a full brand overhauls for Tom’s business, to create a fresh new look. If you have an idea for a company logo, we are here to help you revitalise your public image.

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Most importantly, we built a long-term branding solution.

We fine-tuned our branding & corporate identity process! Every solution we produce delivers on its core aim. Therefore, we researched their target market and main competitors. After this, we produced a several concepts for them to pick from. The perfect corporate branding strategy will enable you to say everything that needs to be said about your business.