Sleepy Diamonds

Sleepy Diamonds x Webclique

Sleepy Diamonds is a UK based jewellery company that offer bespoke Grillz & custom pendants. Web Clique identified their key requirements to determine the best digital solution. Sleepy Diamonds now offer online bookings via an app you can access from the App Store or Google Play.

You can book your next appointment in under 30 seconds
We created a mobile responsive application with UI/UX practise, branding and digital marketing. This is as important when it comes to the final completion, as functionality.

App design encompass a great deal more than whether looks good or not. The design of app will help to determine how customers’ interact. This includes the button layout, ensuring that all pages are easy to find through a tested navigational structure, etc. To find out more about what we do click here.

By researching the target market and main competitors, we were able to provide real value to Sleepy Diamonds.

We have fine-tuned our design & development process, so that every digital application we produce, delivers on its core aim. To help Sleepy Diamonds develop online, we developed sustainable solution for all devices. Web Clique develop IOS apps, Android Apps and Cross platform Apps. The opportunities to build and market creative and engaging experiences grow daily.